Why You Need Advance Planning

Why a will can't wait.

If a person dies without a will, State law determines through a formula what happens to the person's money and property without considering the special needs of any individual or family.

Without a will, surviving family members may face unnecessary headaches and hardship at a difficult time and the chance of an argument over one's estate and belongings is more likely.

For parents of minor children, the single most important reason for making a will is to name a guardian for children who are left behind. Without a will, minor children will be placed in the care of a court appointed guardian and unnecessary attorneys' fees, costs, and other expenses will be deducted from the estate.

No matter how large or small your estate may be, everyone needs a plan. Making a valid will provides the peace of mind that your assets are distributed and your children raised as you direct in advance.

Why most people don't have a will.

People are reluctant to deal with issues surrounding their mortality. Death is an unpleasant subject and difficult for many people to talk openly about.

The e-Lawyer online client experience is the easiest way for many people to fulfill their responsibilities to plan in advance for the unthinkable.

People don't see a lawyer for their will because they think they can't afford it even though they really don't know how much it costs.

Technology allows the attorneys at e-Lawyer.com to provide professional legal services for less than they must charge in their traditional offices.

It's often inconvenient to hire a lawyer. Clients must fit into the traditional lawyer's schedule. Telephone calls and appointments must be made and often rescheduled. It's a hassle for many people to make the time to travel to an appointment with an attorney.

With e-Lawyer, professional legal services are delivered according to your schedule. You will receive the same documents that clients receive in our traditional offices.

You need more than just a will.

At e-Lawyer.com, we believe that clients and not courts should decide what happens in the event of incapacity. Our goal is to make the burden of acting as substitute decision maker as easy and inexpensive as possible. Included as part of your advance planning package, you can address the issues your will doesn't cover:

Power of Attorney: If you are incapacitated because of a physical illness or diminished mental function, a valid power of attorney appoints someone to act in your place in financial matters. With a power of attorney created with e-Lawyer.com, expensive unnecessary court proceedings are avoided and your finances will be managed by someone you trust. Designation of Healthcare Agent: If you are incapacitated because of physical disability or impaired mental function, this directive appoints someone to make healthcare decisions for you. With a Designation of Healthcare Agent prepared by e-Lawyer, expensive, unnecessary court proceedings are avoided and surviving family members will be spared significant difficulties.

Pre-Need Guardian: If you are incapacitated, this directive names someone in advance to act as your Guardian. With your Pre-Need Guardian Designation prepared by e-Lawyer, expensive, unnecessary court proceedings can be avoided. Pre-Need Guardian For Children: If you are incapacitated, this directive names someone in advance to act as Guardian of your Children. With a Pre-Need Designation for Children prepared by e-Lawyer, expensive, unnecessary court proceedings can be avoided.

Living Will: The living will is your legally binding directive to withhold expensive, life prolonging medical procedures in the event you are in a "vegetative state" or have a terminal condition with no hope of recovery. With a Living Will prepared by e-Lawyer, your family will not have to make this terrible decision because you relieved them of the burden in advance. Advance planning for potential incapacity should be considered by clients of any age. Some of the most well known cases dealing with this issue have involved young people; See.. In re Karen Ann Quinlan , 70 N.J. 10 cert. denied 429 U.S. 922 (1976) Bush v. Schiavo 885 So.2d 321 Florida Supreme Ct, 2004.


Minor children may be the most important reason to write a will. Your choice of who will raise your children in the event of the unthinkable is an important one that needs careful consideration.

Without a will, minor children will be placed in the care of a court appointed guardian. Responsible parents name a guardian for their children. Just in case.

Sometimes people change their mind about these important decisions. That's why the flexibility of e-Lawyer makes sense.

Children of divorce require special consideration in the event of a parent's death. Without a will, the child's natural parent would be in charge of insurance proceeds, money and other property you leave to your children. For many clients, this is unacceptable. Our clients choose a trustee to manage their children's inheritance.

If your children are older but you just don't think they are mature enough to handle money wisely, you should establish a trust to administer their inheritance until you feel they are ready to manage their own affairs.

For obvious reasons, you should appoint guardians and establish trusts for children with special needs.

e-Lawyer provides convenient, inexpensive, professional services to deal with these very important issues.


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