Free Bill of Sale Forms for all 50 States

e-Lawyer offers a free Bill of Sale on our website. You may also consult with our online attorneys and order custom language that may not be in the standard form. Thousands of transactions occur each day between private parties where cars, boats, firearms and other property are bought and sold. Many times a bill of sale is the only document in existence concerning a particular transaction.

Bills of sale protect sellers of cars, boats, guns and other property from liability concerning the property after sale or transfer. Many vehicles are required to be titled and registered with the various state governments. Bills of sale documents are often required for this process.

Bills of sale are often required for insurance reasons.

What is a Bill of Sale?

“bill of sale” is a signed record of the sale or transfer of property. Bills of sale documents are used as evidence of property ownership in addition to official “title” issued by your state government.

Many states require a bill of sale before issuing title to vessels and automobiles.

Bills of sale can also be used as evidence of purchase and sale for tax purposes.

Often a bill of sale is the only written document created concerning a transaction. The sales price is always included as well as the signature of the seller. The bill of sale can contain disclaimers of warranty and acknowledgement that the buyer is getting the property “as is”. Our Firearm Bill of Sale contains important buyer acknowledgements of residency and lawful entitlement to possession.

Our Bill of Sale can be used as protection for buyers and sellers of Craigslist or other transactions.

Types of Bills of Sale
bill-of-sale-forms-automobile Automobile Bill of Sale

The automobile Bill of Sale is a record of the sale of an automobile and should be filled out and signed in addition to the official titling documents issued by your state. Bills of sale are often required to purchase auto insurance.

bill-of-sale-forms-boat Watercraft Bill of Sale

Our Watercraft Bill of Sale is for boats, jet skis, and sailboats. The form provides that all property located on board the vessel is also included in the transfer.

bill-of-sale-forms-firearm Firearm Bill of Sale

Our Firearm Bill of Sale provides for buyer acknowledgements of state of residence and legal capacity to possess firearms. Many states have laws prohibiting transfer of firearms to convicted felons or mentally compromised individuals.

Bill-of-sale-forms-property Tangible Property Bill of Sale

The Tangible Property Bill of Sale can be used for tax, insurance, liability prevention and other general purposes. It can be used for sales of jewelry, furniture, household items or business property. The property transferred should be sufficiently described.

Bill-of-sale-forms-motorcycle Motorcycle Bill of Sale

Use our free Motorcycle Bill of Sale form to transfer ownership of street legal and off road motorcycles and scooters.

Legal services in connection with Bills of Sale
e-Lawyer provides legal services in connection with bill of sale issues. Contact us to inquire about how we can help you with the following:
  • Contracts in connection with the sale
  • Collection or enforcement proceedings
  • Mortgages or security for the contract
  • Uniform Commercial Code or usury questions
  • Other complicated transactions

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